Make Halloween less scary by keeping it safer

It’s almost time for one of a kid’s favorite nights of the year – Halloween! It can be a night of fun for them and their parents, as long as safety is the priority.

Costumes – Make sure costumes fit properly and are kept off the ground to prevent tripping, and choose non-flammable fabrics. If you’re accompanying kids during their trick-or-treating, wear brightly colored clothing with reflective tape or stickers to make sure you’re seen on sidewalks and streets.

Vision – Consider having children wear face paint or makeup instead of masks that can block vision. Wear glow sticks, or carry flashlights to make sure everyone can see.

Go as a group – Younger children, especially those under the age of 8, should go trick-or-treating with parents or guardians. Consider going with a group of friends or other parents in a neighborhood you’re familiar with. Older kids should also travel together and stick to a route they’ve cleared with parents. Have cell phones handy in case something should happen. Children should be told to never enter a stranger’s home. And set a curfew for older children. Many communities have set hours for trick-or-treating.

Inspect candy and treats – Being careful is always the best policy. Look through the candy and treats children receive, and throw out anything that looks homemade, repackaged or opened. If there are any allergy concerns, review labels or research any candy you’re unfamiliar with to make sure it will not trigger a reaction. And have children brush their teeth extra well after enjoying all their treats!

Keep these tips in mind for a happy and safe Halloween!

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